About us – fixed fees, online appointments available

Key Conveyancing guarantees refreshingly affordable fixed fees for buyers and sellers of residential property throughout New Zealand. Because of our ability to transact electronically, we can remotely assist regardless of where you reside.

We know that it can be confusing and sometimes stressful when entering into a contract.  As such we offer free guidance with entering into a Sale and Purchase Agreement for real estate.  Our experienced Conveyancing Practitioners will guide you through every step of the buy, sell or refinance of mortgage transaction.  We assist with the early stages of entering into the contract right through to completion and settlement, which includes the change of land ownership and transfer of settlement funds via our trust account.  

Should you wish to change banks and refinance your mortgage then  this process is very simple, see our refinance page.  Our conveyancing practitioners are happy and available to assist you, feel free to call or email us for immediate assistance.

Conveyancing is property law, being the legal process that transfers ownership of land from one person or entity to another.  Due to legislative amendments which took effect in 2008, people now have a choice as to whether they wish to engage a lawyer or a conveyancer to carry out the legal aspect of their buy, sell or refinance of mortgage transaction. Lawyers and Conveyancers are governed by the same Act (The Lawyers and Conveyancers Act) and both professions are subject to similar regulatory compliance. Furthermore, Conveyancing Practitioners hold Professional Indemnity Insurance at least to the value of the transaction.

We are qualified, experienced and dedicated conveyancing practitioners, specialising in non-commercial property transactions.  We are confident that our fixed fees are amongst the most affordable available. 

We can now video-witness our clients signing documentation remotely, making it more convenient and affordable for our clients.  


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