Our conveyancing legal fees outlined below are our total cost which includes GST and disbursement costs;

♦ Purchase of property  (with mortgage) $1,500.00* (excludes ANZ, Westpac and SBS borrowers as below)

♦ Purchase of property  (without mortgage) $1,300.00

♦ Sale of property (mortgage to discharge) $1,300.00

♦ Sale of property (no mortgage to discharge) $1,200.00

♦ Refinance of mortgage – from $900.00*

♦ Pre-Contract reporting fee $175.00 – $200.00 (see our Buying page)

As your conveyancer, we have fixed legal fees, which apply to typical residential property purchases or sales, which includes all of the information that you need as a Buyer or Seller of property.   

If your transaction is urgent or involves a company,  family trust, mortgagee sale, body corporate property, Kiwisaver withdrawal or First Home Grant, tenancy, subject to issue of new title, or if your bank requires guarantee documentation, or if your mortgagee is not a mainstream finance provider,  then additional charges may be incurred.  Note that an additional fee also applies to drafting the Sale and Purchase agreement for you.

Our fixed conveyancing fee does not cover unexpected complications that may arise during the transaction that we are currently not aware of.  If any unforseen matters arise or you seek to re-negotiate the terms of the contract, then we will inform you of the increased cost that will be incurred, and obtain your instructions prior to proceeding.

*If you are obtaining new mortgage finance from ANZ, Westpac or SBS to complete your purchase, then increased fees are incurred.  This is because Westpac, SBS, and ANZ require a law firm to also be appointed to double handle the bank documents and funds.  We are more than happy to carry out your transaction, and you do not deal directly with the law firm that we nominate to complete this agency function.  The increased fee is $250.00 (ie total $1,750.00 inclusive of GST and disbursements for a purchase with mortgage). 

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