Buying a Property

At Key Conveyancing Ltd we are property conveyancers specializing in residential property transactions. We offer a fixed fee service.  If you are in the early stages of buying property, then please contact us for our valuable buyer information email and quote, this is provided at no cost to you. 

Prior to signing a contract we recommend you contact us so that we can review the agreement and to ensure the conditions included are suitable to your requirements.  We do not charge you for any time spent looking over your conditional agreement and the pre-contractual advice that we provide. 

If prior to making your offer you would prefer we review the documentation specific to the property (ie LIM Report, Record of Title and supporting interests, Body Corporate documents etc), our Pre-Contract Reporting fee will be between $175.00 – $200.00 (inclusive of GST).   Note, if you are successful and obtain an unconditional contract, then this fee is waived, given that this is work we undertake with majority of our contracts. Following which, our standard fixed fee structure applies. Purchasers who intend to participate at auction, or intend on placing an offer with minimal conditions in a tender or multi-offer process should seek this assistance from us.  

We manage all aspects of the buying process, which usually includes;

♦ Pre-contractual information and advice

♦ Searching and checking title, and providing you with full information and explanations of any matters that affect the property’s title, including reporting to you on the LIM report (if applicable)

♦ Follow up of conditions in the Agreement for Sale and Purchase

♦ Preparing necessary documentation for you to sign, as well as mortgagee documentation if applicable

♦ Checking settlement statement received from the sellers conveyancer or lawyer, and ensuring rates and other apportionments have been calculated correctly

♦ Receipt of your contribution and mortgage funds (if applicable)  to our Trust Account upon settlement, and payment of funds to the sellers conveyancer or lawyers trust account

♦ Completing electronic registration of the transfer of ownership to you as new owner, and registration of mortgage (if applicable)

♦ Final reporting to you and mortgagee, including copy of updated Certificate of Title.

To appoint us as your conveyancer, simply insert our details to the back page of the Agreement for Sale and Purchase, and ensure that we are provided with a copy of the agreement as soon as possible. We then proceed to contact you to confirm all details and commence the conveyancing process. 

Given that settlements are conducted electronically, we can act as your conveyancer regardless of where you are located.