Selling a Property

Are you looking at selling residential real estate?  At Key Conveyancing Ltd we specialize in residential property transactions.  Prior to signing a sale contract we recommend that you contact us so that we can look over the agreement and ensure that the conditions are suitable to your requirements.

As our fees are fixed, we do not charge you for any time spent looking over your agreement or for the precontractual advice that we provide.

We manage all aspects of the selling process, which normally includes;

♦ Pre-contractual selling information and advice

♦ Follow up of conditions in the Agreement for Sale and Purchase of real estate 

♦ Title search and discharge of mortgage (if applicable)

♦ Apportionment of rates, and rental/body corporate levies where applicable

♦ Preparing necessary documentation for you to sign

♦ Receipt of sale proceeds through our trust account, repayment of mortgage and payment of land/water rates (if applicable)

♦ Credit of surplus proceeds to your nominated account

♦ Completing electronic transfer of property ownership to the new owner

♦ Sending sales notice to the relevant Council

Because settlements are conducted electronically, we may act as your conveyancer regardless of where you are located (although certain documentation will need to be signed under witness).

If you are in the early stages of selling, then feel free to contact us for valuable seller information relevant to your situation (provided at no cost to you).   To appoint us as your conveyancer, simply insert our details in the final page of the Agreement for Sale and Purchase, and ensure that we are provided with a copy of the agreement as soon as possible. We then contact you to confirm all details and commence the process.

If you are selling a residential property privately, and require a Sale and Purchase Agreement to be prepared, then contact us with the details, as we can draft the contract for you.  Usually we can provide you with the contract for signing within one to two business days.